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Presale Info & Schedule

Would you like to shop even earlier than the first day of the sale? There are a couple of things you can do:

  •  JOIN OUR TEAM!.   They do all kinds of wonderful tasks such as set up, sales floor organizing, check out and break down. And the more you help out, the EARLIER YOU SHOP!
  •  SELL your items as a Consignor!  It’s much easier than you think! You sign up, you prepare your items, and then you drop them off at the sale. And the bonus?...  YOU SHOP EARLY!
  •  Are you a First Time Mom, Foster Parent, Military Family, or a Teacher?  We have an exclusive Pre-Sale just for you!  Look below to see if you qualify!

Thursday February 27th

3:15 pm - Team Leaders

4:15pm - 12 Hour Team Members

5:00pm - 8 Hour Team Members

5:45pm - 4 Hour Team Members

6:30pm -Consignors

7:30pm - Early Access Prime Time Presale  Click here to get your discount ticket

8pm -First Time Parents  & Teachers

Please note: For safety, we do not allow children, strollers or wagons  on presale night (Nursing babies are the exception to this rule and must be worn).  Children, strollers and wagons are welcome on our public sale days.

JBF has made the decision to allow children 12 years old and above to attend the Consignor Friend presale with their parent (consignor) as the "Friend" with the appropriate presale pass.

1st Time Parent & Teachers

First Time Parents:

First Time Parents:If you are expecting your first child or your first little one is under 12 months, then this pre-sale is for you!  You will be permitted to bring 1 guest to help you shop on Thursday February 27th from 8pm to 10pm .  Click here for you free ticket.


JBF Loves Teachers! To thank them for all their hard work we offer them a chance to shop at our Teacher Presale. Teachers include homeschool moms as well as daycare providers and church children and preschool directors. The Teacher presale will be Thursday February 27th  8pm to 10pm.  Click Here for your free ticket.



Advertise Your Business

Details coming February 3rd


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Shawna Wilfert & Danny Hansen

Call or Text Us!  432.349.3938

Shopping is one of our favorite things to do together. You can always find us on Black Friday looking for a great deal! Just Between Friends was a way for us to own our own business and bring great deals to you! Danny and Shawna are the only father-daughter owners of a JBF Franchise.

Shawna is a mom of two girls and loves to plan special events!  Danny is a father of two and grandfather of four. He loves fixing and building things.

Our entire family loves sports and cheering on our favorite team the University of Arizona Wildcats!
We look forward to meeting you at our next JBF event!